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Aluminium alloys are highly susceptible to galvanic corrosion in a marine atmosphere if they are used in association with dissimilar metals. Great care should be exercised when connecting mild steel fittings, whether or not they are galvanised, to accommodation ladders and gangways constructed of aluminium.

Plugs and joints of neoprene, or other suitable material, should be used between mild steel fittings, washers, etc and aluminium. The plugs or joints should be significantly larger than the fittings or washers.

Repairs using mild steel doublers or bolts made of mild steel or brass or other unsuitable material should be considered as temporary. Permanent repairs, or the replacement of the means of access, should be undertaken at the earliest opportunity.

The manufacturer’s instructions should give guidance on examination and testing of the equipment. However, close examination of certain parts of accommodation ladders and gangways is difficult due to their fittings and attachments. It is essential, therefore, that the fittings are removed periodically for a thorough examination of the parts most likely to be affected by corrosion.

Accommodation ladders and gangways should be turned over to allow for a thorough examination of the underside. Particular attention should be paid to the immediate perimeter of the fittings; this area should be tested for corrosion with a wire probe or scribe. Where the corrosion appears to have reduced the thickness of the parent metal to 3 mm, back plates should be fitted inside the stringers of the accommodation ladder or gangways. Courtesy of Generalcargoship.com


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The shallow angle lightweight Aluminium gangway is the sister to the SHALA gangway. This gangway is of welded construction, the main members being constructed from hollow sections, whilst the deck is of anti slip patterned plate with extruded footgrips fixed at specific intervals along the surface of the deck.

The gangway is designed for use up to 30 degrees of inclination. Self- locking stanchions, wheels or roller, polypropylene hand and half- height rails and ship end hooks are provided as standard. Gangways of this type can be manufactured up to 10 metres in length.

SHALA Gangway features:

  • Lightwight aluminium
  • Welded construction
  • Anti-slip patterened plate deck
  • Extruded footgrips
  • self-locking stanchions, wheels or roller
  • Hand & half height rails
  • ship end hooks
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Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 10.10.02Tyne Gangway has won an order to design and build 30 metre multi-purpose bridge gangway. The gangway will be deployed on a jackup vessel and used to install offshore wind turbines. The Gangway will have dual use, accessing the quay whilst in port and accessing TP foundation during installation of the Turbines. The gangway will be manufactured in 4 sections so it can accommodate a working range of between 6 and 30 metres.

The company can operates extensively in the United Kingdom and in Brazil, Russian republics, Australia, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

The firm can supply Gangway safety nets, Gangway Handrails, Gangway posts, GRP decks, Brows, Aluminium Brows, Aluminium ship ladders, Heavy duty ladders, Light weight Gangways, Passenger Gangways, Bridge Gangways, Aluminium Bridge Gangways, LNG Tanker Gangways and Accomodation ladders to name but a few.


Guest Author – Post provided by Tyne Gangway (Structures) Ltd